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Why do I need to sign an agreement before scheduling my first visit?

The signed agreement is needed to give our team the information they need to conduct your first home or commercial cleaning. We know how busy you are so we use-mail for all non-emergency communication, including service reminders and invoicing.

Will your agreement hold me to any future cleanings?

Absolutely not! We are flexible because we recognize our clients have a variety of cleaning needs. You can schedule a one-time cleaning with no further obligation at any time. Should you decide to have Unique Cleaning Solutions clean your home on a regular basis, you can cancel the service at any time. You can also postpone or reschedule regular cleanings as needed. We simply require 24 hours’ notice (on a weekday) should you need to cancel, postpone or reschedule any cleaning sessions.

When I schedule recurring visits, will I get reminders before your team shows up?

We have three options available:

ALWAYS CONFIRM: We will set up your service to repeat as frequently as you want; but our team will not be dispatched until you provide verbal or email confirmation for each visit.

REMIND ONLY: You will receive an email reminding you of the upcoming visit 1 to 3 days in advance. If the day and time we are planning to arrive doesn’t work for you, let us know, and we will make changes on the schedule. With this option, we will dispatch the team even if you don’t reply our email.

AUTOMATIC SET & FORGET: During setup, we will agree on a specific day and time to perform regular cleaning. The team will be dispatched automatically, your invoice will be sent and if you have a credit card on file we will auto charge it. Of course, you can still reschedule or postpone any cleaning with 24 hours notice, and cancel the service at any time.

What should I do before the team arrives to clean?

Please pick up/put away any clothes, children’s toys or other items before we arrive. Also, please make sure your pet is safe and secure before our cleaning associates arrive.

What if I can't be home on my cleaning day?

Many of our clients are not home when we come to clean. We ask clients who will not be home or at their business on those days to provide us with a key or entry code. All keys are securely marked and controlled to maintain your security. This allows us to access your home or commercial space to clean on the agreed-upon day and time. It is very important that arrangements for entry are made in advance. If you do not provide us a key, and you  are not home to let our team members in at their scheduled cleaning time, a lock-out charge may be applied.

What if I need to reschedule or skip my regular cleaning?

We understand that life gets busy and sometimes unexpected things happen. We simply ask that you give us 24 hours notice of any needed change. That way, we can change our team members’ schedules and arrange an alternative date and time for cleaning.


Who provides the cleaning products and equipment?

We bring everything we need to professionally clean your home or business, including necessary supplies and equipment. In this way, we can make sure we have everything we need, including proper documentation to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines.

What about 'Green' Products? Do you use them?

Green cleaning is a broad and often misunderstood term used to include any number of products and cleaning methods used by companies to reduce their impact on our environment. While we use such products whenever we can, truly organic green cleaning products, unlike disinfectants, do not kill many harmful bacteria. Our approach is to work in a responsible way, adding green products to our overall program when they are appropriate and effective. Please see the following link to view the list of products we use, including eco-friendly options.


Who will Unique Cleaning Solutions send to clean my home or business?

Our team members are trained professionals; we hire only permanent employees, no contract workers or temps. Unique team members are there to do a job and will never eat, drink, smoke, use your phone, or any of your electrical appliances such as radio or TV while in your home or business. Note: Employees of Unique Cleaning Solutions will not, for any purpose, be considered employees or agents of the customer.

Will Unique Cleaning Solutions send the same team members each visit?

For clients who receive weekly or bi-weekly service, we send the same cleaning team to your home every time, unless illness or an emergency prevents an employee from coming to work. If your assigned team is not available, we will let you know in advance. We want you to feel confident in our team members, and they are eager to deliver a custom cleaning for your home or business as professionally and efficiently as possible.


How long do cleanings take?

The time it takes to professionally clean your home or business depends on the size and condition of the space. We clean every type of home, from apartments and single family homes to large estates. We clean homes that haven’t been cleaned in a very long time, and we clean homes that have been regularly maintained. Your estimate will indicate what our assessment is for your home based on the information you provide us. We document the time it takes to clean each home or business we service, so we can always give you a sound estimate based on our experience with comparable properties.

Does the initial cleaning take longer than recurring cleanings?

During an initial cleaning, we do additional tasks such as washing all baseboards, doors, trims, window sills, and wet wipe down walls. Depending on the condition of your home, initial cleaning can take up to twice as long as regular upkeep on the same property. During the estimating process, we will gather enough information to determine an approximate duration of the Initial Deep Cleaning.

How do you track billable time?

We use separate, independent systems to ensure accuracy in our invoices. We start counting time from the moment we enter your home or business; you may cross-check this time with your alarm company. We use vehicle GPS tracking, and employees use a mobile device to capture their location and time. Completion time is logged when the team is done loading all equipment back in the car, usually 5 to 10 minutes after locking the door at your home or business. The team will log this information into their mobile devices, and also write down start and end time on a worksheet. Our system uses this information to generate your invoice with the most accurate time.

Can I rotate the rooms I want cleaned each time your crew comes out and limit the time and money I spend?

Yes, we can accomplish this by helping you customize your service plan. You can rotate each room on any frequency you wish, all we ask is for at least two hours of work for a team of two cleaning technicians. We would ask that you give us a priority list in the order of what is most important to you. We’ll continue to communicate and work with you to deliver optimal cleaning while remaining within your budget.

Will the team change the sheets on my beds?

Yes, if you would like your bedsheets to be changed, please place clean linens on the end of each bed. Our team will not go into closets or drawers to look for fresh linens. If they have not been put out, the team will simply make the bed with the linens already on it.


When will the cleaning team arrive?

Each home is scheduled for a specific time during the day, starting at 9:00 AM and finishing the last home around 5:00 PM. Our team members do their very best to arrive as close to the scheduled times as possible; arrival times may vary slightly due to variables outside our control such as traffic, or if our team members find they need to spend a little longer at a home to handle a special request.  If you require a definite start time for our team members, we can make your cleaning appointment the first of the day. Tell our office about your needs, and we’ll find a scheduled time that works for you.

What is the earliest a team will arrive to my home? Can I be first?

The earliest a team will arrive depends on how close your home is located to our office. Our teams arrive at their first house somewhere between 8:30 – 9:15 am. This also can vary because of traffic, weather, and other conditions, but we will do our best to accommodate your time preferences.

What is the arrival window?

Overall we have a good record for being on time; however, the unpredictable nature of this business does not allow us to guarantee an exact time to arrive, so we ask for an arrival window of +/- 1 hour. We want to save you time and would like to prevent you having to spend hours waiting for the team to arrive. Many clients provide us with a key, a garage code, or a door code. We can also make arrangements to install a lockbox outside your home or business.

Does someone have to be home for my cleanings?

As long as we can access your home, you can be anywhere in the world while we clean your home! If you have additional instructions, you may call or email our office prior to the appointment. If you didn’t leave a check for us, we will send you an invoice by email, and you can pay it online or over the phone.

Do you work weekends or nights?

Our teams work Monday to Saturday. The latest a team will arrive at an initial deep cleaning depending on where it fits geographically would be around 2:00 pm, and for a recurring cleaning the latest start time is 4:00 PM. If you have a time preference that falls outside our normal working hours, call our office, and we will do our best to meet your needs.


Who checks the quality of the service being provided?

Several people make sure we leave your home spotless every time. Every team has a team leader and a teammate who are responsible for cleaning specific areas in your home. The team leader will do a walk through at the end to make sure our team has completed everything spelled out in your agreement. Our quality control supervisor makes unannounced visits while our teams are cleaning, to make sure everything is being done according to our standards. All of our team members and supervisors are trained and experienced in the latest, safest and most effective cleaning methods.

What if I don’t like the way they cleaned a room in my house or business?

This is rare, but if you come home, and you are not happy with the results, please let us know. We are eager to improve every aspect of our business, and your feedback is essential. We will look for different options to make it right for you, and to ensure the same mistake doesn’t happen again.

How do you clean your rags at the end of the day?

Our rags go through a 4-step sanitation process using commercial washing machines before being used in your home. We will not bring dirty rags into our customer’s home or business, or rags that have not been spotless and disinfected.

Do you use the same mop in every home or business?

We use a towel-mop method, using fresh towels for each area of your home. We can change mop heads easily and often, to prevent cross contamination between rooms and properties.


What is the company policy to handle breakage and accidents?

While we make every effort not to break or damage items, accidents do happen. Identical replacement is always attempted, but not guaranteed. For this reason, we request all irreplaceable items (whether of monetary or sentimental value) be stored and/or not cleaned by our staff. If you notice any breakage or damage in your home after our team visits, please notify us within 48 hours. Our personnel are instructed to call our office when ANYTHING is damaged, and to leave a note to you advising you of the incident. We reserve the option of repair or replacement before monetary settlement. Unique Cleaning Solutions is not responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of items, or for maintenance issues (normal wear and tear that comes with age and use). Please inform us if any items in your home are broken or improperly installed such as blinds, tiles, curtain rods, loose carpets etc.

All surfaces (marble, granite, etc.) are assumed sealed and ready to clean without causing harm. We take responsibility for breakage or damage caused by our staff, not to exceed the maximum of 10 times the cost of the service charge on the day in which the breakage/loss occurred. Some items excluded from liability are: cash, jewelry, one-of-a-kind items or hard to get items; items of sentimental value, art, antiques and electronics.

Are you insured? What if something gets broken?

Our team members are trained on proper cleaning procedures and pride themselves in being

careful. If anything were to get broken as the result of something one of our team members did while cleaning, we want to step up and make it right!


That means trying to either repair or replace the item as quickly as possible. Since all our teams are insured, we would file a claim whenever necessary to help resolve the situation.

We send you a certificate showing our insurance is complete and up-to-date. Unique Cleaning Solutions will furnish all forms of insurance required by law and shall maintain the same in force.

  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Extended Property Damage
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Surety Bond


What about holidays?

We’ll call well in advance of any national holidays to arrange for a better day and time. Speaking of holidays, be sure to let us know if you are ever in need of extra cleaning in advance of a family get together, dinner or party. We’re here to help make those events successful and more enjoyable.

Will I get my house cleaned if it’s snowing?

For the safety of our employees, we reserve the right to cancel due to snow or inclement weather. If that happens, no payment will be processed until the next scheduled cleaning.


What if I have to cancel/reschedule my appointment?

Please let us know in advance. No charge is assessed if you cancel 24 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning. Monday’s clients must cancel by Saturday before 12:00 pm. We charge $50 for last minute cancellations.

What if I need to cancel the service?

This agreement may be terminated or canceled at any time with a written notice from either party by email or a letter by mail.

I already set up a recurring service, can I skip one visit?

Yes. You may move your scheduled visit to another day or time, or you can skip a visit. Please make your request 24 hours prior to your scheduled visit. If your appointment is on Monday, you should

request your changes before 12:00 PM on Saturday.

Can I cancel all my future recurring visits at any-time?

Yes. You may cancel all your future appointments by notifying us by phone or email. Please notify us 24 hours prior to your next scheduled visit to avoid a fee. If your appointment is on Monday, you should request your changes before 12:00 PM on Saturday.


When is payment due? How should I pay?

Payment is due on your regularly scheduled cleaning day, as soon as the service has been completed. We send all invoices by email. Please make sure our emails are going to the correct folder in your email account. Many of our clients prefer to pay online as soon as the invoice is received, others leave a check on the kitchen counter for us to collect when the team arrives.

We will also send you a link to our online portal; here, you will be able to see your invoice history, make requests and also pay online.

What is the fee for late notice cancellation/rescheduling request?

This agreement may be terminated or canceled at any time with a written notice from either party by email or a letter by mail.

We want to avoid charging any unexpected fee, but if the team is affected due to a Late Notice Cancellation/Rescheduling Request, we will charge a $50 fee. No charge is assessed if you cancel 24 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning. Monday’s clients must cancel by Saturday before 12:00 PM.

I forgot to pay my invoice on time. Do I get charged a fee?

All invoices are due as soon as service is completed. We only charge a 10% fee if your invoice is past-due for more than 60 days. We will suspend service to your property if you have one outstanding invoice for more than 15 days. We will send emails reminding you of the overdue invoice starting 5 days after the invoice has been originated.


Can I get a one-time cleaning only?

Yes. In the estimated pricing section, select the service you would like. We will only schedule one visit for you.

If I like my first cleaning, how do I set up a recurring service?

This agreement may be terminated or canceled at any time with a written notice from either party by email or a letter by mail.

Call or email us, and we will create a cleaning plan for your home according to the frequency you want. Our most common frequency is bi-weekly visits; this is one cleaning session every other week.